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C*Net +31(0)1800 328181






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Relay with special AC 230V contacts: (RST) Miscellaneous:
Ericsson Connection boxes / Line Jacks / Switches)
Nedap Block terminals (Krone LSA+)
Voxswitch 1 Extra Bellsets
VTM ISDN NT-1 units

ISDN connection boxes / Jacks 
Transformer with switch relay: (TRIR) Terminal blocks (for exchanges)
Ericsson Power supplies
Voxswitch 3 Special equipment:
VTM Alarm unit 24V, 48V en 60V

Press button fire alarm  
Relay Switch: (RS) Multiple subscriber's meter unit 4 lines
ATEA Upconrack
Ericsson Calling relay unit for 1 phone line
NHTM Calling relay unit for 2 phone lines
VTM type 1956 Door phone + interface unit

Universal Relay switch: (URS) Audio MOH interface
Voxswitch 2 Caller ID units

Subscriber's meters: ISDN equipment:
Sodeco metal TZ 3 c/30 Netcard 1
Sodeco metal 2 TZ uc Netcard 2
Sodeco plastic Smartvox basic V24
Lyon 1 Smartvox basic USB
Lyon 2 Teles PC card
Lyon 3 Webvox 1
Lyon 4 Webvox 2

Pole changers:



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