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C*Net +31(0)1800 328181






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Public exchanges: Other Public services:
Alcatel System 12 Mobile phone network 1 
ATE general Mobile phone network 2 NMT 450 (AXE)
BTMC 7A, 7D, 7E en 7 EN Mobile phone network 3 NMT 900 (AXE)
Ericsson AGF Special numbers exchange (BVC)
Ericsson ARF Wire broadcasting 
Ericsson AKE
Ericsson ARM GSM
Ericsson AXE 10 Mobile radio
Ericsson AXE-RSS Pager
Philips / AT&T / Lucent 5ESS Public Phone
Philips / AT&T / Lucent PRX  Telex exchange BTMC 10C
Philips type F en F-vb (Siemens & Halske) UMTS
Philips UR
Philips UV Special euipment:

AMESA (Unit with 4 answering machines)
Cable basement of a public exchange Alarm`units
Main Distribution Frame of a public exchange Cry tone unit
Demolition of a Ericsson ARF public exchange Information tone unit

Soldering transformer unit  42V AC


Old area codes card to 10-10-1995.                                                                       New area codes card from 10-10-1995.



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