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The newest equipement:


UH 200 MBLE Belgium (11-24-2013)

Gift PABX Hotel Atlanta, De Haan (Belgium): (09-20-2013)

We got a message of Belgium from mr Wilfried Decroos of Hotel Atlanta from Den Haan that he got an old PABX from MBLE (Manufacture Belge de Lampes Electriques).

After searching the internet makes this company MBLE lamps from Mazda  and tubes from Adzam. In 1925 the company makes a joint venture with Philips. From 1947 the company also makes telecommunication equipment.

We have made contact with mr Wim Boussier from ADMB (the owner of the hotel) an we can get the UH 200 on November 22nd and put it apart in several boxes, on November 24th we get all parts on transportation to Goes at the Netherlands. There we will reassemble the UH 200 and make it working again.

The PABX was build in 1965 the type was UH 200 with 4 cabinets by ADMB, in 1978 the UH 200 is moved to Hotel Atlanta with 2 cabinets where it was used to October 1st..




System phones Vox Supreme Novo: (11-15-2013)



Coffee mugs KPN: (10-15-2013)



Operator's console Philips UH 200: (10-14-2013)



Miscellaneous equipement: (10-05-2013)



Vox Supreme Novo 10: (05-09-2013)



Miscellaneous old American telephone equipement (gift van Gary Goff from the USA): (08-15-2013):

After a visit to our museum we have from a American collector three telephones and a book The Telephone Connection.


Candlestick                                                               Book The Telephone Connection



The Bell System keyset telephone type 565 rotary dial.                   The Bell System wall telephone type 500 rotary dial.



Music connection suitcase Dutch broadcast: (08-13-2013):

T|hese units are used to make two connection (1 connection for the music and 1 for a telephone connection) with radio events (football or concerts) to the radio studio in Hilversum.

In the suitcase you can make different impedance adjustments for the quality of the connection.

Outside radio / music suitcase for broadcast utilities.


Inside radio / music suitcase.


Inside radio / music suitcase.



London 64 PABX: (07-15-2013):



T65 black rotary dial (06-27-2013):

Out of the collection from Remco Enthoven to complete our coloured collection of T65's at Rotterdam is complete.


Wooden telephone Ericsson Type B 1917: (06-24-2013):

The building year is 1921.




Mobile test set in suitcase: (06-13-2013):

Test set suitcase build bij CWP.

Inside test set suitcase CWP.



Meter to test coin phone pulses TeKaDe.



IS/RA Network connection box new model: (05-29-2013):



Desk parts operator desk PABX UB49a: (05-28-2013):

We gaan deze tableau's gebruiken als reserve onderdelen tbv onze eigen bedieningstafels.

A complete Operator's desk UB49a PABX bought from the online auction at NOB Decor Hilversum.



US Air Force Phone: (05-28-2013):

From the former  Airforce base Woensdrecht the Netherlands.



Table test set UB49a PABX system new model: (05-28-2013):



Gift PABX UH 30: (22-05-2013):

A gift from a local PABX installer Nemesys ICT & telecom from Oud-Beijerland, a PABX Philips UH 30 (20-3-2) with 20 extensions, 3 internal connections and 2 Public exchanges lines.








Gift of a small home PABX Homevox 1-5: (15-05-2013):





Picture book telephone district Rotterdam: (23-04-2013):



Miscellaneous equipement: (11-03-2013):


CB Hoofdtoestel 1953.                                                           Drielingtoestel T&N.


Trimphone Table Telephone.                                                       Duitse Telecom Siemens Tafeltoestel.



Training manals + Miscellaneous equipement: (25-02-2013):


Stopwatch.                                                                                     Manual ISDN Trend Aurora.                                                         Remitter.


AMP Tool.                                                                                                                      Colling card bedrijfsauto Rai.


Authentieke rawlpluggen.                                                                                               Muurpluggen.


Krone LSA+ tang.                                                                                                           Hulzentang tbv Kabelverdeler K1200.


Krone DOG 1 tool old model.                                                                                          Krone DOG 1 tool new model.



Master clock + adjustment tools: (02-11-2013):




Training manuals and miscellaneous equipement: (02-25-2013):

Stopwatch PMBX.                                                                          Manual ISDN Trend Aurora tester.                                                 Remitter Line number identification.


AMP tool.                                                                                                                       Give-away prepaid telephone card.


Box of old rawl plugs.                                                                                                      Box of old wall plugs.


Krone LSA+ punch down tool.                                                                                         Special tool used for special distribution cabinet type K1200.


Krone punch down tool used on type 70 main distribution frame old model.                   Krone punch down tool used on type 70 main distribution frame new model.


Miscellaneous telephones: (03-11-2013):

CB main phone 1953.                                                             Drieling phone T&N.


Trimphone Table Telephone.                                                       German Telecom Siemens table phone.


Picture book district Rotterdam: (23-04-2013):


Nec-Philips Miscellaneous equipement (2): (2008-11-06):

With thanks to the employee from Nec-Philips Nederland to makes this possible..

Switchboard Philips 80 extensions and 3 exchange lines (build by Ericsson model 1928).


Philips TBX 1000 from the testing laboratorium with special boards in the cabinets.


Testing board UR49a, last one build.


Operator's console Philips exchange german market.


Working prototype try out video phone about 1976.


Equipment cabinet try out video phone. 




Sopho iS3030: (2008-09-13)



Nec-Philips Miscellaneous equipement (1): (2008-09-12):

With thanks to the employee from Nec-Philips Nederland to makes this possible..



Philips TBX Operator's console new in box


Diverse apparatuur: DECT radio zender (witte kast) en 2x MPU programmeerkoffer


Philips blok met ringkerngeheugen


Philips 2e model DECT telefoon


Philips geheugenmodule  


Philips toestel KT4


Lader nog nieuw in doos


Philips toestel bestemd voor Duitse markt nieuw in doos


Scotch magnetische ponsbandlezer



Diverse apparatuur: (27-07-2008)

















Brandweercentrale: (03-06-2008)

Werd gebruikt om de verschillende groepen brandweerlieden te waarschuwen om naar de kazerne te komen.



Gift Robot Pumps Alphen a/d Rijn: (12-03-2008)

Een greep uit de gift die bestaat uit een doos met diverse modellen toestellen en een Novo 20 met losse accukast met intern DECT systeem, en Voice Response kaart.

Vox Supreme Novo 20



DECT toestel D405                        DECT toestel D407



Bordeaux 200HV                            Bordeaux 10



Gift Museum voor de verbindingsdienst: (11-03-2008)

We hebben van het museum van de verbindingsdienst een aantal toestellen en centrales gekregen als aanvulling op onze collectie.

Unifoon met Verkort Kiezen.

Bedieningstoestel Ericsson ARD 561.



Aankoop diverse apparatuur: (11-03-2008)

Een aantal klokken waaronder een valklok van het oude personeelsrestaurant van het KPN gebouw Coolsingel Rotterdam.

Voorschakelkast CN

Een chef-secretaressetoestel 

Valklok Bodet


Voorschakelkast CN


Gift Colijnsplaat: (20-02-2008)

Serietoestel Atea 1949


Ericsson waterdicht toestel.


Heemaf wandtoestel 1938.



DC Post: (18-02-2008)

Unit 20 exchange lines (traffic exchange)



Gift Etten-Leur: (18-02-2008)

De gift van deze man bestaat uit 10 dozen vol met diverse apparatuur binnenkort volgen er meer foto's van deze gift aan ons museum.

BTMC Alarm tableau.



Centraalpost Ericsson + diverse apparatuur: (04-02-2008)

- oude houten centraalpost 3/12

- 3x bakelieten ivoor Ericsson toestellen 2x tafel 1x wand van 1959,60 en 61

- rood koperen toestel met bakelieten hoorn (opschrift RTT 1956)

- 2x zwarte metalen Siemens toestel met haakcontact (juni 1942) en 1x met stadswapen van Amsterdam

- 6x t65 waarvan 1x robijnrood,1x kobaltblauw,2x wit met originele pennenbakje en 2x grijs uit 1972 t/m 1979

- Unifoon Ericsson bruin april 1983

- Twintoon 10

- Ericsson Ericovox luidsprekend toestel 1975

- Telemagic automatisch kiesapparaat Köhler-Schäfer 54 nummers

- 3x bakelieten serietoestel merk Atea met opschrift rue du verger Anvers

- 2x bakelieten serietoestel merk Standaard Electric uit 1965

- 2 standen schakelaars, meeluisterapparaatjes (zwart ivoor en grijs), kostenteller, lange toestelsnoeren zwart en grijs, gelijkrichter en bel.


Ericsson Holland phone 1944: (2008-01-05)



Gift TR43 + Miscellaneous new spare parts: (2007-11-20)



Gift Hicom 300E: (2007-11-20) 



3x Test telephone: (2007-11-11)

- 1x Test telephone  ISDN

- 2 x Test telephone PSTN



Operator's console Philips Sopho series: (2007-11-09)



Clock AEG: (2007-10-30)



Clock used on a railway station CWT: (2007-10-25)



Miscellaneous phones and tools: (2007-10-22)

Miscellaneous CB phones.


2x pressure meter CEG.


1x pressure meter 20 grams.


1x pressure meter 30 grams.

1x pressure meter 100 grams.


BTMC testing unit: (2007-10-05)



Miscellaneous: (2007-10-03)



Street connection cabinets infrastructure: (2007-09-29)



Test telephone: (2007-09-28)



Box for cable technicians: (2007-09-27)



Testing cabinet Philips Teka F and Great Neha: (2007-09-27)



Wooden planset phone 8/3: (2007-09-27)



PTT company year book 1987: (2007-09-27)



Sign K (cable) PTT: (



Miscellaneous equipment: (2007-08-27)

- New in box planset phone T&N 10/4

- 3x table phone T1951 Ericsson

- Miscellaneous spare parts



New connection box planset phone T&N 10/4: (2007-08-24)



Slave clock NHTM: (2007-08-24)



Vox Supreme A324 system phone: (2007-08-21)



PABX T&N 14 phones and 3 exchange lines: (2007-08-19)



Vox 5510 BusinessPhone Ericsson: (2007-08-18) 



2x intercom PTT: (2007-08-14)



T65 rotary dial table phone transparent red/orange: (2007-08-04)



T65 rotary dial table phone grey new in box: (2007-08-02)



Bacelite wall boxes: (2007-07-19)



PTT slave clocks: (2007-07-16)



PABX NHTM: (2007-07-12)



T65 rotary dial table phone transparent Ericsson for demo: (2007-07-09) 



Cardphone 2000: (2007-07-09)



Transparent spare handset: (2007-07-02)



Miscellaneous equipment: (2007-06-29)


Miscellaneous tools


Handset T65 with whispering amplifier


Wired radio distribution amplifier unit type 6A


switch from Ericsson ALD PABX


Programming book from old SPC PABX  systems 


Log book R.E.T. Rotterdam (transportation company at Rotterdam)


X-Y kiezer AHD Ericsson



Miscellaneous equipment: (2007-06-13)

- 2 x fax machines

- A BPO Rhapsody PABX


- 2 Chief - secratery planset phones made by NSEM


- HP scanner



Miscellaneous equipment: (2007-06-12)

- 2 x MPU (Maintenance Processing Unit) programming suitcase made by Philips

- A lot op tapes with the programs

- The first wireless DECT phone from Philips

- Electronic card with reed-relay from the first digital PRX public exchange made by Philips

- A experimental design of the display from the operator's console from the Philips EBX 8000


- 3 x GDK (DC current system) build-in push button units

- A book Philips in the war WW2 printed 1945

- Brochure "EBX 800 computerised telephone exchange"



Miscellaneous equipment: (2007-06-08)

- BTMC 7d, 7e and 7en

-Siemens & Halske F

- Alblis motor switch

- Philips UR / UV


- Alarm panel


- S&H fuse repair unit and tester


- Some books


Philips EBX 8000 programming manual (



Vox Novo 20: (2007-05-31)



Replica Loevestein: (


Many books, documentation and tools: (



Panel voor educating: (



Vox 5510 Businessphone with 51 system phones: (



Ericsson door intercom: (



Universal unit to switch by exchange line: (2007-04-09)



Planset telephone T&N 5/2: (

te koop oude telefoon



Wall phone white: (25-02-2007)




Book company safety Dutch PTT: (

oud boek van de ptt bedrijfsveiligheid en zelfbescherming


oud boek van de ptt bedrijfsveiligheid en zelfbescherming

oud boek van de ptt bedrijfsveiligheid en zelfbescherming



Slave clocks: (

Twee mooie oude 'stations'-achtige klokken (PTT)

Twee mooie oude 'stations'-achtige klokken (PTT)

Twee mooie oude 'stations'-achtige klokken (PTT)




(09-10-2006) Different equipment: 

From mr J.C.L. Gentenaar has given to us some equipment:

- Two Vox 1200 PABX with 2 system phones

- Some bakelite telephones 

- Some modern telephones the Unifoon, Diavox and Twintoon 10

- Different manuals

We want to thank this person for his contribution to our museum.



(09-28-2006) Different equipment: 

From the museum of the communications service in Ede we have bought the following equipment:

- a SE-25 installation type 1980 complete with system phones and operator's console

- TR43 installation with 2 equipment boxes

- TR43+ system phones for 6 and 12  exchange lines

- Vox 5400 PABX Philips type S100 with a operator's console



(09-18-2006) Donated telephone:

Mrs Marleen Endeveld and her husband Mr Han Edelman have donated to us a special telephone.

The phone from the Philips Telecommunication Industry and was made by the Heemaf factory.

The telephone were used by the own PABX systems Philips sold over the world.


(09-04-2006) Different equipment

From the firm Hoogstrate from Goes we have bought some equipment:

- modern Vox Alliance 30 PABX with battery backup box and 4 system phones

- stil good working answering machine

- PABX Vox 1110 with 2 system phones

- a couple of telephones

2 complete telefoon centrales, waaronder  Vox Alliance 30

2 complete telefoon centrales, waaronder  Vox Alliance 30

2 complete telefoon centrales, waaronder  Vox Alliance 30



(09-04-2006) System phones Vox 5510: 

PTT Telefom Vox D telefoontoestellen

PTT Telefom Vox D telefoontoestellen

PTT Telefom Vox D telefoontoestellen



(08-28-2006) Some telephones: 

  Helsinki                            Ericovox                           Memofoon                      Zurich


  Monaco                             New York                        Washington                    Wenen


  SE 2 PABX                      Cable measurement



(08-22-2006) Different tools:

We have bought a box full of special connection tools for main distribution frames.:



(07-11-2006) Some books: 

From the owner of the Dutch Online Telephone Museum a have bought some old books about telecommunications:


(06-26-2006) Rembrandt year: 

We have made a small contribution on a book about the Rembrandt year 2006.


Do you want more information click here


(June 23rd) Vox 1200 system:

We have received a gift of two Vox 1200 installations with systemphones.

We want to thank mr Toine van de Velden from Breda for his gift to our museum.


(June 15th) Different stuff:

From the museum of the communications service in Ede we have bought the following equipment:

2  Philips TBX 50 PABX with operator's console

1  SE-25 installation 

1  Vox 5420 installation with operator's console

1  Operator's console Vox 5300 series

1  Unit 20 exchange lines (traffic exchange)

1 Operator's console for the Philips EBX 1500 - 8000

1  Vox Nuance installation with system phones

1  Operator's console for the Philips UB exchange

1 Operator's console Philips UH 200 with number indication


(June 19th) Vox Progress:

We have bought a Vox Progress with system phones with a display.

There are in our depot new system phones without a display en is our system now complete.


(May 8th) Toestellen:

We have bought for our own system the Vox Supreme Novo a couple of system phones.

And also we have a couple of spare ones.


(May 7th) Operator's console Teka F PABX: 

We have received a gift from mr Veldmeijer from Zaandijk.

The Operator's console was used on a trainstation from the Dutch railroad.


(May 2nd) Documentation Vox 110/210:


(May 2nd) Clocks: 

They were used by the PTT in exchange buildings.


(May 1st) Payphone coinvox 12: 


(April 27th) Different equipment:

3 Vox 1110 systemphones

1 Vox 120 telephone

2 ISDN Moduvox

2 Sagem modems


(April 27th) Testofon testequipment:


(April 25th) Different equipment: 

This equipment is a gift from mr Harm Meijer from Elst.

Complete Teka BB PABX with power supply from 1952

Complete Ericsson PABX type PAX ALD 10 with power supply from 1952

Some modems

Old telex

Some boxes with old T65 telephones in different colors

Two boxes with different telephones from Swiss, Great Britain and Germany

We want to thank mr Harm Meijer from Elst for his contribution to our museum


(april 13th) Operator's console Teka F PABX: 


(april 12th) Operator's console Philips UH 30-45 and a planset phone T&N 10/2:


(march 27th) Book Het werd weer mei, de PTT in de oorlogsjaren (Its going to be may 1945, the Dutch PTT at the war years)


(march 31st) Different equipment:

We have get from a anonymus person from Zwolle a lot of equipment for our museum:

- 2 x KPN Vox Novo Compact (Alcatel)

- 2 x Vox Progress 22 

- 2 x Telemix terminal (Northern Telecom)

- 2 x Operator's console Philips TBX / Vox 5400 PABX 

- Spare parts for the T65 plastic grey standard telephones.

We want to thank this person very much for his contribution to our museum


(march 19th) Different equipment:

We have got from Mr J.C.L. Gentenaar a box with some equipment and some nice books:

- T65 table phone white

- 2x T65 table phones DTMF grey

- Loudspeaker voor T65 table phone

- Modem for Viditel

- Spare parts for a Teka PABX

- Three old connection boxes

- External bel with the logo of the Rijkstelephone

- A Siemens selector

- 2 relay switches VTM

- 2 old intercom telephones 

- Some connection cords

- Book symbols and abbrevation of the telephone district of Utrecht 

- Book Telephone relays

- Book automatic telephony

- Book making and maintenance air lines 1937

- Book for mechanics and instrument technicians 1931

- Book special wiring diagrams Htf 1418 

I want to thank Mr Gentenaar and his daughter for there contribution to the museum


(march 16th) Different equipment:

From the museum of the communications service in Ede we have bought the following equipment:

- A operator's console for the UB and UH 200

- 3 Drieling telephones

- 2 planset phones 10/4

- 2 planset phones 10/2

- Telephone for 2 exchange lines type S65

- A chief-secretary phone for 3 chiefs and 1 secretary.

- Relay switch in a house of bakelite made by Ericsson


(march 16th) Testing board Ericsson


(march 14th) Different equipment:

We have get from a anonymus person from Zwolle a lot of equipment for our museum:

It was so many that we must go for a second time to Zwolle soon.

We have got the following equipment:

- A compleet Freeset system van Ericsson (This is a wireless DECT system)

- Spare parts for the T65 telephones.

- A lot of new push buttons set in many types.

- Three Vox Progress system phones.

- A lot of T65 and Diavox telephones.

- A Philips system phonel.

- Four Vox 3100 PABX complete with the operator's consoles and system phones.

And many more...

We want to thank this person very much for his contribution to our museum.


(march 14th) Different stuff: 

We have get from a formal employee of the Dutch Ptt the following stuff:

- A picture frame with a protocol of delivery of 50 public telephone exchanges 

- A picture fram with the counter pictures in 1962 by the start of the telex exchange in Groningen

- A lot of Dutch PTT / KPN tie's 

- A couple of bags from the opening of the Primafoon in Zwolle

- Some books about management at PTT / KPN

- Video tape with a lightning strike at a public exhange of Heerenveen


(march 14th) MPC software: 

We have from someone the original software program and the original laptop to program the Philips PABX systems.


(february 4th) Vox 5431 Philips Sopho PABX: 

We have from a monastery this PABX purchased.

The capacity:

- 224 analog extensions

- 16 analog trunk lines

- 14 digital extensions and  9 system phones D624

- 1 operator's console B630 comfort

D624 system phone


Power supply unit  48V DC


(january 29th) SE 25 installation: 

We have buyed 2 of this systems one for use at the museum and one for spare parts.

By this installation are some new system phones new in a box and 20 system phones used.

One of the system cabinet is still new.


(january 27th) Miscellaneous equipment: 

- Een operator's console for 3 lines  T&N 1950 metal

- Een operator's console 3 lines T&N 1960 plastic

- Parts for a TeKA PABX new in a box

- A box with special labels used at the T65 DTMF telephones


(january 25th) Books KPN:

A set of books with the explanation on the logo's of the dutch telecom provider KPN.

And also i get some nice things:

- 3 different KPN tie's

- 2 bags with KPN and PTT telecom logo

- A old mobile phone

- Plate from glass with payphone (in Dutch telefoon) on it stamped

- Old selector from a old unknown PABX system


(January 16th) TBX PABX from Philips with the service manuals and spare parts.

And a lot of service manuals from the Philips Sopho series.


(January 16th) payphone Gias 1 from BTMC 


(January 10th) Test equipment made by Philips 


(January 8th) 6 porcelain plates with Ericsson telephones. 


(December 31th) PMBX Ericsson type 8/2 (8 extensions / 2 trunk lines.


(December 22nd) House telephone system for 8 extensions en 2 trunk lines.


(December 21th) Miscellaneous equipment:

- Impuls writer made by Siemens

- Special phone for Dutch post office internal call box.

- 3x Lijnkiezertoestellen 2 netlijnen en 8 toestellen (metalen uitvoering)

- Een voeding voor bovenstaande installatie

- Extra telefoons voor SE 25 toestellen

- Relais to split 1 trunk line into two extensions 

- Wooden test set?


(December 22nd) Miscellaneous equipment and documentation: 

- A map with the drawings en manuals from a Mix & Genest PABX.

- Operator's console TeKa C 


- Extra belset watertight Berliner 


- CB main telephone type1953 


-Extra - Bellset Siemens (German) date 67-08


- Ericsson "Dialog" LB telephone with special call button



- Operator's console BTMC PABX



- LB switchboard Ericsson BB (Protecting People by war system. 



- LB telephone.



- Payphone table orange for 25 cents coins made by Standard Electric. 



- T&N telephone (Germany) 1960 


(December 5th) Switchboard Ericsson with 80 extensions and 3 trunk lines 


(December 3th) Switchboard unknown manufacturer


(November 23rd) Wooden Ericsson LB telephones DAS 2001:


(November 23rd) Miscellaneous:

- 2 new in a box planset telephones type S65.


(November 2nd) Vox 5100 Philips PABX with operator's console


(October 24th) Bakelite telephones types Heemaf and Standard (BTMC) 


(October 21th) Test equipment and payphone Coinvox 20



(October 21th) VOX Surpreme NOVO 6

Operator's console


(October 17th)Operator's console Philips UB PABX

Prop from the dutch television decor department



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